Toyota Prius C Flirts with Crossover Idea with New Aqua Cross Concept

The third piece of the puzzle that is Toyota’s 2013 Tokyo Motor Show concept versions of the JDM Aqua, which the rest of the world knows as the Prius C hybrid hatchback, has been teased today through the release of a pair of sketches.

The Aqua Cross Concept follows the athletic Aqua G Sports and the Aqua Air Roadster studies, exploring the possibility of a crossover-flavored look for the compact hybrid.

Toyota has adorned the body of the Aqua with dark plastic moldings around the wheel arches, skirts and bumpers, while also adding a different front grille, skid plates, roof rails and additional lights up front.

Inside, the Japanese carmaker’s designers kept changes limited to the upholstery colors, materials and trims.

More information on the concept, including Toyota’s intentions, will be announced during the brand’s presentation at the Tokyo Motor Show next week.

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