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Oktoberfest, the annual festival held every autumn in Germany, is a mecca of beer, food, beer, German culture, beer, music, rides and more beer. Considering all the stuff (beer) at the 16-day festival, it shouldn’t be a shock that people routinely misplace things, whether they be wallets, cell phones or some other item. We wonder if this is the first time anyone has ever misplaced a car, though.

Yes, an Italian man lost his Volkswagen Golf “somewhere in east Munich,” over the course of his time at the Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest grounds). What makes the story more shocking, though, is that the 40-year-old claims his misplaced VW wasn’t due to any overindulgences. “I didn’t come to drink. I came for the rides,” the man, who was only known as Andreas, told The Local, an English-language German news site. He simply couldn’t remember where he parked the car.

According to The Local, there are eight different entrances to the Theresienwiese, in addition to a number of train stations. “I rode all the way along [the number 16 and 17] lines looking down every side street and found nothing,” the man said. Rather than give up, he spent the next five weeks traveling back and forth between Munich and his South Tyrol home, looking for the car. Eventually, after the Abendzeitung newspaper ran a story on his plight, a tip came in leading him to his long-lost Golf. “I was absolutely thrilled,” said Andreas.

As for the question we posed at the start of this story about people losing cars, according to local police, this sort of stuff is hardly uncommon during Oktoberfest. “We get this sort of thing all the time,” said Munich police spokesperson Christoph Reichenbach.

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