Manufacturers back electric vehicles despite slow global sales

Car industry continues to back electric vehicles

The slow global uptake in electric cars hasn’t dented many manufacturers’ support for them, but concerns remain

Car makers and governments are placing their faith in electric vehicles, despite the disappointing sales of the past three years.

Both BMW and the Volkswagen Group have recently spoken out in support of the German government’s aim to get one million electric vehicles on the country’s streets despite tiny sales of electric vehicles last year.

According to industry sources, less than 4200 pure EVs and hybrids were sold in Germany last year in a market worth about three million new car sales each year.

Even in the United States, which is thought to be the most EV-friendly of Western markets, the penetration of battery-powered vehicles has not yet exceeded 10 per cent. According to figures released at the recent Global Automotive Forum, between January and June this year, some 15,444 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles were sold in California.

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