Real-Life Jackass Finds Out What Happens When You Ride a BMX 50MPH

Who would have ever thought that your regular BMX bike, you know, the one you used as a kid imagining it was a Ducati, cannot handle highway speeds…

These gifted men took their friend on a BMX for a ride on the road and he let go after they reached a speed of around 50 mph (approximately 80 km/h). Need we tell you what happened next?

No we don’t, but we will mention what the rider said on his YouTube channel after the incident, which took place last year:

“I was blasting down this hill like iv done 100s of times but this time my headset came loose and my tire stared swapping side to side and sent me into a speed wabble.”

You can “wabble” your way down the break and entertain yourself for a minute (more if you press replay, which you will likely do) with the video.

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