New Ford Ka concept revealed

New Ford Ka concept revealed

Concept points to radical shift in direction for third-generation Ford Ka

This is the new Ford Ka concept, which has been revealed in Brazil.

Ford says the Ka concept highlights “bold design, quality engineering and innovative technologies”, and adds that it will be “a new choice for entry-level urban customers”. It is understood that a new Ford Ka production car could be seen as early as 2014, and on sale within two years.

Reports suggest the concept has been revealed to assure retailers that a new entry-level model is under development. The current generation Ford Ka has struggled to match the sales success of the previous generation car.

A Ford statement confirmed the Ka concept previewed a new global car, saying it “addresses global demand for sub-B compact vehicles, a segment that is projected to increase to approximately 6.2 million vehicles by 2017″. Ford estimates the segment will grow by 35 per cent between now and 2020, although it acknowledges that much of this will follow on from demand from urban buyers in developing countries.

The current Ford Ka is co-developed with the Fiat 500, but the new Ford Ka is understood to be based on a heavily modified version of the last generation Ford Fiesta platform. The concept is a five-door, suggesting the production car will follow suit.

Ford’s fortunes have been compromised in recent years as premium manufacturers have pushed down in to its traditional markets, and new budget brands have undercut it: the Ford Mondeo Vignale concept at this year’s Frankfurt motor show was regarded as Ford’s reaction to premium makers attacking its territory; this Ford Ka concept is viewed as its response to the likes of Dacia.

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