Ford Shows Stylish 2015 Ka Concept in Brazil

In spite of what the title of this article may have you believe, the recently revealed 2015 Ford Ka concept doesn’t really appear to have anything in common with what those who know the Ka associate with.

The car we have here is for all intents and purposes, a different Fiesta that uses a name that since 1996 has been synonymous with very small dimensions, two doors and unbeatable agility around crowded cities (more so with the first-gen and less so with the latest Fiat 500-based model).

Granted, no information on dimensions were provided, so it may very well be smaller than the regular Fiesta, though knowing that car, it would translate into a completely unusable back seat if the same style of interior packaging is used.

This all-new model, which seems to have been styled along the same lines as the older Escort concept, and since the old one wasn’t an eyesore, this new Ka is not bad either. Revealed yesterday in Brazil, it’s design is the work of Ford’s Brazilian design team, but unlike the Escort, this is a production model in disguise, with blacked out windows and most likely no interior (yet).

It features LED headlights, the now-trademark Aston Martin-esque grille and pleasing proportions from any angle, though the back is a bit anonymous – if we were to edit out the badge, and not tell you what it is, you’d be hard-pressed to peg it down as a Blue Oval car…

Expect to see this again, actual production form, closer to its suspected release date, sometime around the middle of next year when it becomes available in Brazil, likely as the Figo.

Scroll down and check out the gallery below.

By Andrei Nedelea


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