Ferrari F430 Trying to Squeeze Through Narrow Medieval Path is Pure Greek Comedy

A beautiful retreat it may be, but the Zagorohoria, a cluster of 46 traditional settlements tucked away in the mountains of Epirus in northwestern Greece, is no place for driving a Ferrari inside the medieval villages. Unless, that is, you don’t mind using your ride as a paintbrush for the stonewalls…

It all makes sense, right? Well, to some it doesn’t as a genius brought along his Ferrari F430 Spider and tried to navigate through the narrow cobbled streets and footpaths, which, obviously, were never designed with cars in mind.

In what was clearly a nerve rattling procedure, which according to YouTube author Haris Mauroudis, took 20 minutes for a distance of no more than 100 meters (close to 300 feet), the Ferrari and its driver found their freedom, albeit not without the F430 sprouting smoke out of its distressed rear end.

Video follows below.


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