Classic Car Specialist Stretches Jaguar E-Type, Builds Special Trailer for It

The truth of the automotive industry has always been that if you have the money, people that are a lot more skilled than you are will modify your preferred ride in any way you see fit, just as long as physics didn’t interfere too much.

This 1968 Jaguar E-Type is on the lighter side of those scales, but with a stretched body for extra space and a…unique trailer, it does deserve a bit of attention.

Its creators, Classic Motor Cars from Bridgnorth, in the UK, added 4.5 inches (114mm) while the car was being restored after having been involved in a heavy frontal crash, as per its American owner’s request. The extra metal was added to the floor pan, for improved interior space and practicality – the feeling is enhanced by the 1.25-inch (32mm) taller roof, as well; the boot is also deeper and more spacious.

The modifications don’t affect the car’s look too dramatically, and since all of the E-Type’s familiar lines are nicely blended in, the longer silhouette may even be more elegant than the regular one.

Worth noting is the fact that this car is a Series I model, fitted with the later 4.2-liter engine (not the first 3.8), which is, in its stock form, 9 inches (228mm) shorter than the V12-powered Series III, a car whose design purity was seriously affected by the stretch – this ‘in-between’ version should be just right.

The unusual trailer was built by joining two E-Type rear ends together, it looks cool and is attached to the car via a removable tow hook – will definitely turn twice as many heads with it hitched…

By Andrei Nedelea


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