Pickup: 2014 Nissan Titan

Durable full-sized pickup truck with burly V8 power; excellent towing capacity, off-road-capable Pro4x model, variety of configurations

Nissan’s Titan comes with one heck of a heartbeat: a 5.6L V8 that’s proven its mettle over years of service. With a huge 385lb/ft of torque wallop, it’s got the requisite twist to haul pretty much anything. Work duty comes easy to the standard S and AV models, which can be fitted out with durable spray-in bedliners and specc’d in full four-door crew-carrying configuration, or with an extended cab for carrying stuff securely. The luxurious SL and rugged Pro4x provide nicer surroundings when you’re towing your ski-boat or camper, and can now be got with Nissan’s upgraded navigation system, which includes point-of-interest searchability powered through Google.

Spec box
Type Two- or four-door pickup truck
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive / optional four-wheel-drive
Base engine (hp) 5.6L V8 (317 hp)
Transmission(s) Five-speed automatic
Fuel economy (L/100km, city/highway) 16.1/10.9 (King-cab RWD)
Basic Warranty 36 months/60,000 km

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