Jaguar C-X17 Concept Reviewed in Dubai, Still Very far off Production Model

The Jaguar C-X17 debuted in blue at the Frankfurt motor show in September, and closer to the current moment, in silver, at the Dubai motor show, where a handful of journalists got their hands on it, even though it’s purely a show car.

Two magazines, including AutoExpress from the UK and Autobild from Germany had a go too, during which they made it clear that, at least in its current form, it’s still very far from production-ready.

Its steering needs too much lock to go around corners (and even straight, apparently) and the suspension is not tuned to iron out bumps, clearly not helped by the massive 23-inch rims it rides on.

Still, the UK reviewer does concede that there is ample space inside, and the driver is given the feeling of sitting in the car, rather than on top of it, an unwanted feeling that many cars display nowadays, but the Jag engineers were clear about avoiding.

The big rims, coupled with the stiff springs, lack of soundproofing and the lack of anything even closely resembling a production interior mean this test is inconclusive, but at least it confirms what we already knew: the C-X17 is a looker on the move, and while this silver example is not as spectacular as the blue one, it still promises to be one of the prettiest faces in its class (if/when they will finally admit to making it).

By Andrei Nedelea


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