EVO Chooses Its Car of the Year, But No, It’s Not the Ferrari F12Berlinetta

EVO Magazine’s videos are one of the best sources of online car [email protected], and to top it all off, each year their efforts culminate with the release of their nominations for ‘best car of the year,’ and their effort to narrow the selection down to one.

This year they were very fortunate to have an impressive array of competitive cars with a shot to win it to choose from, and we know the decision was hard not because they said so, but because of the undeniable qualities of the finalists.

The chosen location for shooting also added to the appeal of the videos, it has to be said, because they chose to film on the renowned Route Napoléon, in the southeast of France.

Of the eight cars lined up, the Alfa Romeo 4C was the first to go, and was definitely the weakest link, criticized for the inconsistent feel of its non-assisted steering and the racket made by the four-pot turbo motor sitting in the middle. It may have just been the fact that it was a pre-production model and was not quite finished, but it did make the last eight because of qualities it did possess, like the its extremely light weight, nimble handling and sheer pace.

When it comes to the rest of the cars, trimming down the list became trickier, but in the end, a winner was chosen…

From a distance, we would have gone for the Ferrari F12 as the most impressive one, but the EVO crew had their reasons to argument as to why that wasn’t the case. Find out all about it in the two-part video below.

By Andrei Nedelea


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