The Imaginary Citroen DS-Porsche 911 Hybrid

The Citroen DS is a very nice classic car, that really needs no introduction, wherever you may live and whatever culture may have formed your background. The same applies for the (classic) Porsche 911, though it has now become a much more mainstream name, ever since the brand expanded in the last decades.

Both are timeless classics, with unique appeal, but it seems that some think it’s a good idea to take the two cars and create one very weird hybrid. In fact, BrandPower claims a prototype has already been built and show us a bunch of photos of which none look real.

They say it has a rear-mounted three-liter air-cooled engine, probably from a late 1970s/ early 1980s 911, but it would really be hard to mount in the back of the DS, even with the claimed pushing forward of the rear bench seat. I can’t obviously say for sure that it’s not possible at all, but it seems highly unlikely to work in the stated fashion.

Topping off the deep feeling of doubt I have about this project, are their claims to have –wait for it- taken asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel to go for a ride in it, as well as the French president Francois Hollande who apparently accepted the invitation to be chauffeured around Hockenheim in it.

Oh and that magazine cover they provided is so fake I don’t even know where to begin with it. Check out the photos below, as well as an actual successful attempt at putting a bigger motor in the DS.

It may very well be an odd yet interesting design/mechanical proposal, but a real car it certainly is not.

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: Designboom via Autoblog , Jalopnik


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