Posh California Town Wants Tesla Model S Police Cars Patroling Its Streets

Have you ever thought about what a Tesla Model S police car would be like, all dressed in police livery, with part of the 17-inch touchscreen obscured by a rack holding two shotguns? It would definitely be a cool sight, as well as theoretically being a very effective chase vehicle with the kind of performance we know it’s capable of.

MotorAuthority reports that the manager of the tiny yet posh Silicon Valley town of Atherton, Mr. George Rodericks, recently stated that he’d seriously “love to see” these fast EVs used for the local police duty, in an interview for the San Jose Mercury News. If this strikes you as a bit odd, then we need only mention the fact that the average house value there is $6.7 million, and it’s a place where the Model S is a common sight.

Apparently, there’s data to show that the all-electric sedan has a 15 percent market share of new cars sold in the town… This is partly down to the inhabitants being wealthy, but also the local pride associated with the cars being developed and built in California.

Regardless of the mushy substrate, it would be cool if this idea went through and turned real, and there are many qualities that the Model S has that would make it suitable for police duty

By Andrei Nedelea


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