Eleven Bikers Indicted in New York Range Rover Incident; One Is An Undercover Cop

It was probably hard to miss one of the posts we made about the NY incident involving a group/gang of bikers and the driver of a black Range Rover who, at the time, was traveling with his family in the car. The bikers proceeded to chase the man, who even ran one of their own down in an attempt to escape the angry mob.

PIX11 now tells us that the case has moved on, and this past Friday, the Manhattan DA’s Office announced a fourteen-count indictment for the 11 bikers that actively participated in showing violence towards the SUV (and its occupants).

The article also brings to focus the fact that an NYPD undercover officer, 32-year-old Wojciech Braszczok, also took part in the altercation – he now faces accusations of first degree assault, rioting and coercion. Apparently, if he is found guilty and convicted, he could be looking at spending up to twenty-five years in jail.

Finally, there is word of an unreleased video that may soon become available, one that would apparently clear one of the accused, Allen Edwards. He is allegedly the one banging on the Range’s rear side window, though both he and his attorney are apparently stating that the exact opposite happened, and he was actually trying to get the others to stop what they were doing.

This doesn’t sound like it’s anywhere near over to us. We will report as information surfaces.

By Andrei Nedelea


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