Ken Block Releases Gymkhana 6, But Is It Better than Gymkhana 5?

Ken Block Gymkhana 6

Ken Block has made Gymkhana very nearly a household term with his silly and skill-filled YouTube videos in which he wrangles a highly modified Ford Fiesta around tricky obstacle courses, and his latest effort has just hit the interwebs. But, like all things, middle age eventually sets in. We’re not talking about Block, who’s as youthful and as sharp as ever, but the Gymkhana format has, for the first time, reached the point at which it’s failed to out-do the video that preceded it.

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This sixth Gymkhana clip seems formulaic, lacking the funny costumes of the fourth video and the audacious location choice of the fifth. And not to pile it on, but the numerous sponsor call-outs lend it less a mischievous feel and more of a corporate vibe. Still, the video is entertaining, but we’re holding out big expectations for the next episode.


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