FCEV Me: Honda Releases Sketch of Concept Previewing 2015 Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle [2013 L.A. Auto Show]

Honda FCEV concept sketch

Honda’s been in the fuel-cell game for a while now, what with its FCX Clarity and the oddball, clarity-free FCX that came before that, and the Japanese automaker will introduce an all-new take on the concept for 2015. Honda is bringing a show car to the Los Angeles auto show that will preview a “potential styling direction” for its next FCEV (fuel-cell electric vehicle). The thing is, Honda doesn’t typically do the “potential” thing with its concept cars—usually they are very thinly disguised production models. Thus, the sketch Honda released today of the FCEV concept likely is a pretty bang-on first look at the brand’s upcoming production model. If you’re craving more info, you’ll have to wait until we get full details on the 2015 Honda FCEV concept when it debuts at the 2013 L.A. auto show.

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