Clash of the Titans: Nissan GT-R Goliath by Switzer vs GT-R Alpha 12+ by AMS

Two of the most powerful and fastest Nissan GT-R R35s tunes in the world clashed together at the latest Unlimited 500+ drag race even in Moscow.

On the left side of the starting line, we have the blue-colored GT-R Alpha 12+ from AMS Performance rated for 1,550HP (there’s an even more powerful AMG model dubbed Alpha Omega), while on the right side, the silver GT-R R1K-X Goliath from Switzer laying claims to an impressive output of 1,700HP.

We won’t tell you the final winner, but we will mention the times of the cars in the two times they raced each other in the 1 mile (1.6 km) run:

Race 1: 22.531 seconds with an exit speed of 386.68km/h (240.27 mph) for car A, and 22.561 seconds at 397.35km/h (245.66 mph) for car B

Race 2: 22.251 seconds at 400.0 km/h (248.55 mph) for car A and 22.086 seconds at 385.43 km/h (239.50 mph) for car B.


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