Ken Block’s new Gymkhana video is out and it’s awesome

It’s been a while since Ken Block has released a new Gymkhana video, but this one, like all of the other ones, is just as awesome.

Featuring some pretty intense stunts with two Lamborghini Aventadors (and the obligatory dudes on Segways), it seems this video ups the ante with the geniuses from the Need for Speed franchise rising to the challenge of building Block the ultimate Gymkhana course/playground, maxing out the difficultly level for Block and his tricked-out and far-from-stock Ford Fiesta ST.

The furious Fiesta ST puts out a supercar-like 650 horsepower and takes only 1.8 seconds to get to 96 kilometres an hour.

As always, this Slayer-soundtracked Gymkhana Six video will delight you with lots of tire screeching, wheel smoke, epic slow-motion shots, hilarious jumps, impossible drifts and a random spiked wrecking ball. Yeah, like I said: Awesome.

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