Video: Ferrari 458 Speciale review

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is the most focussed version of one of our favourite all-time supercars. But does it hold even more appeal?

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is claimed – by its maker – to be the most fun mid-engined V8 Ferrari ever. And that’s some claim if you look back through the firm’s catalogue. This latest incarnation of the 458, the most focussed yet, costs £208,000, makes 597bhp, revs to 9000rpm and weighs 90kg less than the standard car.

It also has a new manettino setting that allows the driver to go sideways with the ESP still engaged. It is, by any stretch, a truly great supercar. But can it deliver on the promise of being more fun than an F40? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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