Study: 1 in 5 say they would never drive again if they had an autonomous car [w/poll]

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Autonomous cars are coming – it’s just a matter of when and how quickly they will be adapted by buyers. To help find the answer to the latter, polled 2,000 licensed drivers, which returned some very interesting results regarding self-driving cars.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic pulled from the study is that one in five drivers (20 percent) are willing to completely give up driving if autonomous cars were currently available. Since a self-driving car is also expected to operate in a safer manner compared to humans (especially those distracted, aggressive or drunk), car insurance rates could also drop when these cars hit the market, and 33 percent of those in the study said they would buy an autonomous car if rates dropped by 80 percent – a rate reduction that had 90 percent of respondents “very likely” to consider such technology.

Digging a little deeper, the study found that just over half of those polled put more trust in autonomous vehicles designed by automakers (as opposed to communications or software companies), but the majority still had reservations about cars that are able to drive themselves. Three-quarters said that they can drive better than a computer and that they wouldn’t trust an autonomous car to take their kids to school, and almost two-thirds said that computers don’t have the decision-making skills of humans.

So, what would passengers of autonomous cars do with all their free time in the car? According to the survey, about two percent would “hold on for dear life.” What about you? Scroll down below for the official press release, and then take part in our informal survey below.

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