A Nitrous-Boosted 2014 Corvette C7 and a Tuning Website Hacked to Display Pro-Islam Messages

I’m sure you will be wondering how and why we got two completely different subjects, one regarding a tuned Corvette C7, and the other, a website hacked to show messages comparing Islamic and Western traditions, intertwined in the same post.

Well, blame internet surfing and data collection. You see, we wanted to learn more about a Corvette C7 modified by Late Model Racecraft (LMR) and went to check out Performance Driving Network (PDN – proceed to the link at your own risk…), a site from the people responsible for High Tech Corvette and Houston Performance Driving, only to discover that it had been hacked to auto-play a scrolling message along with Middle Eastern music…

Putting that aside and while we wait for PDN to solve their software issues, we’re assuming you will want to know what gives with LMR’s C7. From the video descriptions, we learned that the automatic transmission Stingray has some light mechanical mods and a nitrous boost system, with the car dyno-rated at 502 rwhp (rear wheel horsepower) and 668rwhp respectively.

It also completed the quarter mile run in 9.99 seconds – with a nitro shot, from what we understand. Watch it in the videos below.


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