Toyota Models on Flatbed Truck Crunched Under New York Bridge – This Won’t Buff Out…

The first question we asked ourselves after watching these videos of a truck full of Toyota cars munched under a metal overpass in New York City, is not how on earth did this happen, but how the heck did we miss it, since this incident purportedly occurred in the beginning of May this year, with each video having only garnered a few hundred views since.

We hope that we can do our bit to assist in fixing the latter. As for the first question posed regarding how could an accident like this take place, we don’t have any information in our hands, but we’re guessing that it could have been a height miscalculation on the truck driver’s behalf.

Whatever it was, he surely had some explaining to do to the owner(s) of the mangled up Toyota Camry and RAV4. Skip past the break to watch the two videos from the recovery process.


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