This is the Aftermath of a Dutch Police Versus Classic Pontiac Firebird Chase

The Dutch police from the eastern Gelderland region had an unusual chase on their hands recently. Using various VW squad cars, including a Touran MPV and a Polo, they chased down and stopped a reckless driver at the wheel of a first-gen classic (1967-1969) Pontiac Firebird convertible.

Ramming was apparently law enforcement’s response, of course, and the Firebird was finally made to beach itself on a patch of grass, pinned between two cop cars. All vehicles involved suffered some kind of damage, but nothing too severe, because no matter what the driver did and why he was running, he was at the wheel of a very cool classic indeed.

He’s now behind bars awaiting prosecution.

Had this same chase taken place in Russia, we would have had it featured from at least two different angles – the Dutch use dash-mounted cameras too, but there aren’t enough of them cover all the interesting stuff that goes on around its network of roads. As it is now, there are two videos available, as well as a selection of photos courtesy of GinoPress, all showing the aftermath.

By Andrei Nedelea



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