Rinspeed Chopster is a Rare Sight, and It Should Probably Stay That Way…

So, this is what happens when a Porsche Cayenne Mk1 and a Jeep Compass get together for a wild night and have a baby; I just kid, but you do see the resemblance between these two SUVs…

Spotted in a parking lot in Moscow by Autogespot spotter (okay, I’m done with the spots now) Casador, this is the very rare Chopster made back in 2005 as a joint project between the crazy Swiss minds at Rinspeed AG and EDAG Engineering + Design AG.

It’s based on the first generation of the Porsche Cayenne, but has a 70mm lower height after its roof was chopped down, while it also gained in girth with the use of bloated wheel arches.

At the time, Johannes Barckmann, director of the EDAG-design studio, had said this about the Chopster: “Our inspiration for the design of the Chopster was the image of an American football player whose outfit and athleticism stands for enormous strength and assertiveness.”

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