Volkswagen Reportedly Prepping New Design Language

Volkswagen doesn’t do flamboyant designs that are badged as its own, at all. I think its approach to designing and styling a car is limited to giving it good, classic proportions and crisp, simple lines that are easy on the eye primarily through their simplicity and harmless nature, rather than through outright aesthetic appeal.

Now, Autocar tells us that it is heading off in a new design direction, but from what we can see and judge by looking at the Sportsvan concept that’s supposed to preview it, they’ve done it again…

It is yet another evolution, rather than revolution, building on the style of design we saw first displayed on the new Golf Mark Seven, but you have to put the two side by side to spot how that evolution took place, and how it may do so in the future.

The quoted report says that cues like the bar in the grille connecting the headlights will stay, while the way in which the body is sculpted will be maintained and chiseled at. The defining feature will be the bar that runs uninterrupted through the grille and headlights.

So, unbeknownst to the large majority of buyers, VW will be adopting this new style throughout its range. We’re curious to see what they do with the all-new Scirocco, a model which is due in 2017. However, it is getting facelifted next year, so expect to see it styled along the same lines as the Sportsvan, which itself is a production preview of the next Golf Plus MPV/minivan.

By Andrei Nedelea


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