Ferrari LaFerrari Takes a Quick Shower at Car Wash

I know drivers with mainstream automobiles who wouldn’t touch an automatic car wash with a 10 foot poll, yet here’s Ferrari’s prized LaFerrari going under the robotic shower; what gives?

Well, the answer lies in the video description from YouTube author cvdzijden: “Best carwash in the world? I have filmed the Ferrari LaFerrari in the carwash at the Ferrari factory”. Moreover, the wraps on the rear end of the Italian hybrid model suggest that it might be a test prototype.

Still, call us crazy, but we kind of cringe whenever we see any classics, exotics or nicely maintained vehicles use the car wash.

Perhaps the strangest and most saddening part of this video, is the group of young men, possibly Ferrari workers, who walk by without giving a single glimpse at the mid-engine model.


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