2002 BMW M5 E39 with 3,934 Miles for $67,990 is Mmm or Meh?

For many BMW enthusiasts, the E39 generation, built from 1995 to 2003, is the pinnacle of the 5-Series as well as of the M5 flagship, combining timeless looks (especially after the mid-cycle facelift) with great handling, a high quality (not to be confused with reliability – see video below) interior and with the bigger engines, performance too.

If you’re a person that enjoys some adrenaline shots, then the two E39 models to gun for are the 540i M Sport with a manual gearbox and naturally, the queen of the series, the M5, which was available only with a stick shift.

While scouring the net for used rides, I saw this extremely low mileage 2002 BMW M5 listed on Autotrader by EAG – the dealer BMW owners love to hate for the same exact reason: their pinched prices (they love them if they’re selling and hate them if they’re buying…).

The Imola Red colored (on the outside, Silverstone Two-Tone Leather on the inside) super saloon was used only for a mere 3,934 miles or 6,330 kilometers, which makes it a very rare specimen indeed. Whether that justifies the $67,990 price tag for the 395hp (400PS) 4.9-liter V8 M5 is something that depends on how much you really want a car like this.



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