Sedan: 2014 Dodge Charger

Classic muscle-car looks belie clever 8-speed automatic and powerful-but-efficient V6; new Redline package offers even more performance

Looks like those Duke boys done settled down in the suburbs and turned the General Lee into a family hauler. True, the original Charger was never a four-door, but Dodge’s full-sized family sedan does a great job channeling the moonshine-running, bridge-jumping TV star, while still providing some modern practicality. New for 2014, a combination of cold-air-intake and performance-tuned exhaust bumps the power in Redline-equipped Chargers over the 300 hp level, while the powerful Beats by Dr. Dre sound system lets you crank up the bluegrass. 20-inch alloys and paddle-shifters are also part of the package. Need a little more power to get away from Boss Hawg and Roscoe? Check out the Hemi-equipped models, or the top-dog SRT8.

The Specs

Type Four-door sedan
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive / optional all-wheel-drive
Base engine (hp) 3.6L V6 (292 hp)
Optional engine(s) (hp) 3.6L V6 (300 hp); 5.7L V8 (370 hp); 6.4L V8 (470 hp)
Transmission(s) 5-speed automatic; 8-speed automatic
Fuel economy (L/100km, city/highway) 10.9/6.4 (V6 8-speed)
Basic warranty 36 months/60,000 km

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