Sedan: 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Facelifted and updated for 2014, available with S-Class features, efficient diesel powertrain, advanced driver assist.

If you order your preferred variant of E-Class – be it wagon, coupe, convertible, or sedan – with the optional Advance Driver Assistance Package, it’ll practically drive itself. Take your hands off the wheel briefly, and the system is capable of recognizing and following lane markings, and will come to a complete stop using radar-and-laser-guided cruise control. You’ll still need to take the wheel most of the time, but it’s one step closer to an autonomous car, and with the enormous range provided by the standard four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, a nice chance to have a brief flex of the fingers. Twin-turbo-powered V8 models continue to be kings of the highway, and new four-wheel-drive lets the AMG kingpin put down more of that power. Mercedes-Benz is the only luxury company to still offer a mid-sized wagon variant.

The Specs

Type Four-door sedan and wagon, two-door coupe and cabriolet
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive / optional all-wheel-drive
Base engine (hp) 3.5L V-6 (248 hp)
Optional engine(s) (hp) 2.1L 4cyl turbo-diesel (195 hp); 3.5L V-6 hybrid (302 hp); 4.6L V8 turbo (402 hp); 5.5L V8 turbo (550 hp/577 hp)
Transmission(s) 7-speed automatic
Fuel economy (L/100km, city/highway) TBD
Basic warranty 48 months/80,000 km

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