Toyota, BMW reportedly settle on jointly-developed supercar

Ever since BMW and Toyota announced their partnership over jointy-developing a new sports car, the automotive blogosphere has been abuzz with rumors of anything and everything, including a successor to the legendary and decidedly un-beige Toyota Supra.

The latest word out of Motoring suggests BMW and Toyota may have finally reached a decision on what to build. If rumour holds true, it will be neither a new Supra nor a Z4 riding on modified GT-86 underpinnings.

Instead, it will be a supercar priced well north of $300,000. In the venture, Toyota wants to put its lessons chassis, carbon fibre body and engine learned from the Lexus LFA to good use. More than likely, Toyota will end up providing the supercar’s hybrid system which will be mated to BMW’s twin-turbocharged, 4.4-litre V8 engine as well as the secret “ultimate driving machine” spice.

Fanning the rumourmill flames, Motoring also says it came across a BMW i8 at Toyota’s testing facility. The i8 was reportedly being used by Toyota to conduct emissions and durability tests of its carbon fibre chassis. This area of the project still remains fuzzy; the LFA wholeheartedly embraced carbon fibre throughout its body and chassis, yet BMW has the know-how to mass-produce carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) thanks to the i3.

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