The Secrets of Big Wheel Proportions Explained

The latest Design Handbook video uploaded by Autoline Daily moves away from talking directly about car bodies, their shapes and features, in order to focus on wheel sizes and the modern trend of fitting huge rims to just about every model that will take them.

It’s explained that big rims were a thing, even before they started actually being (over)used – their precursor were white wall tires that visually minimized the apparent black tire sidewall to make it look like the rim was actually bigger than it really was.

Now, those tires are out of fashion on new cars, but they have been replaced by the real thing. Practically any vehicle that isn’t a city car or supermini can usually be had with 18-inch wheels, many going as high as 20-inch on larger models. The video chooses an excellent example to show how our perception of rim sizes has been made to change by the cars that are manufactured – it compares a BMW 7-Series E38 to the latest F01/F02 model, both riding on 18-inch rims, and proves the point.

Check it out after the virtual jump and tell us if you agree with the supersizing of wheels on all cars, or if you think it’s a bit brash and perhaps an effort to steer buyers’ attention away from the fact that most new cars are losing their substance.

By Andrei Nedelea


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