SEMA 2013: Day 2 concentrated

The whirlwind that was day 2 of the 2013 SEMA has passed and Team stands tall. Well, actually, our backs ache and our feet are killing us so we’re pretty sitting on our butts, working them off writing stories, sorting pics and editing videos.

Photo: Olivier Delorme

On this day, we concentrated on specific topics. I spent time learning about car interiors and upholstering, we completed a full Camaro investigation and scoured the show floor for the sultry side of SEMA. Cars are great as are their visual “accessories”, if you know what we mean…

We then turned our attention to the South Hall where we saw more tires and wheels than most people will ever see in a complete lifetime.

Tomorrow, the 3rd day of the show, will serve to finalize our galleries, speak to a few more people and for shooting a little bit more car porn.

Stick around for more.

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