Alfa Styling Boss Says Giulia Is Fiat-Chrysler’s Hardest Design Challenge

The upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulia will probably be the company’s most important model in decades, as the brand’s revival depends heavily on the global midsize rear-wheel drive sedan.

Believe it or not, but for a brand that gave the world superb designs over the years the most difficult part of the Giulia’s development is the styling, according to Alfa Romeo’s head of global design Lorenzo Ramaciotti.

“Alfa Romeo is the hardest design challenge we face. There is a lot of expectation, so what we do has to be remarkable but stand the test of time,” Ramaciotti was quoted as saying by Autocar.

One of the causes for which the car still doesn’t have a firm release date is the internal dispute regarding its styling. Most recently said to launch next year, the Giulia’s debut has already been deferred several times.

Besides design arguments, the Giulia has been also delayed because of the change in plans that said it has to be a global car. Although it was originally designed with Europe in mind (just like its predecessor, the Alfa Romeo 159), the Giulia’s briefing was changed to become a world car, following Fiat’s acquisition of a majority stake in Chrysler.

Significant changes had to be done to the original project, which was considered to be at a high risk of failing as a global car. When it launches sometime next year, the Alfa Romeo Giulia will use the most powerful engines from the Giulietta and possibly the 237-hp (240PS) turbocharged 4-cylinder unit from the 4C sports car. North American models will likely get Chrysler’s Pentastar V6 engines and four-wheel drive.

By Dan Mihalascu

Note: Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept by IED pictured


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