2012 Volkswagen Scirocco at the 2013 SEMA Show

As we continue our mad week at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, we happened upon a tastefully modified current-generation Euro-spec Volkswagen Scirocco R. Tastefully modified by whom you might wonder. Well, the good folks at HPA Motorsports have transformed the “tame” little 4-cylindering into a supercar, according to them — and we’d have to agree.

Besides the gorgeous BBS rims we spotted on the Scirocco on display at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the vehicle is also outfitted with a number of handling and performance add-ons that’ll see this little hot hatch reach the 300 horsepower mark (or 640 if you opt for the top modification package offered by HPA Motorsports). You don’t just get more power (despite that being the most appealing thing), HPA also upgrades wheels, brakes and exterior body details to give it that go-faster look.

This particular Volkswagen Scirocco R was wrapped to allow a plethora of fans the ability to leave their mark on the hot hatch’s skin. We were tempted to grab a Sharpie ourselves…

Check out our video below; live from the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, as we explore the Scirocco R by HPA Motorsports. And for more coverage of SEMA (and other great stuff), make sure you visit Auto123.tv.

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