A Little Overdone, You Say? Camaro SSL 727 Speedster Concept

Let’s be honest now; if you’re looking for subtle tunes, then you should probably stay as far away from any aftermarket show and especially Las Vegas and SEMA, which is a Mecca for extreme tuning, as humanly possible.

This 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe-based project pretty much sums up what takes place in Vegas every year in November.

It’s the work of The Custom Shop in Flanagan, Illinois and it’s named the SSL 727 Camaro.

After chopping the roof off the coupe and giving it a much wider speedster-style body with a custom paintjob and graphics, 22-inch Forgeline ZX3P wheels and many other bespoke cues, the tuner swapped the stock engine for a $17,500 Procharged LSX376, which is a 376 cubic inch (6.2-liter) supercharged V8 good for at least 630 ponies.


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