Gold Diggers Social Experiment Redux, This Time with a Ferrari 458 Spider

Say want you want about the ethics in question or even the authenticity of the gold digger prank with the Lamborghini Gallardo roadster (no need to panic if you missed it, just watch it here), but after nearly 28 million views and possibly a check from Adsense, the experiment seems to have been a success from a viral and financial standpoint.

So much so, that it has already found at least one imitator in the guise of the crew from TrueStoryASA, who performed a similar prank of trying to pick up ladies on the street with a Ferrari 458 Spider.

The young team of pranksters stated: “We went out with a 2013 Red Ferrari Italia 458 to go on a social experiment and see if it can pick up ladies no matter how you look and this is how it went.:)”

Staged or not, if you haven’t done so already, put your pennies away and click play on the video below.


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