Ford Has Big Plans for Middle East and Africa; 17 New Vehicles in 24 Months

I thought Ford’s ‘One Ford’ philosophy meant that all cars they sold around the world had to be the same, in order to streamline the operation, and cut costs.

However, perhaps that was partially meant to stand for the attempt to open new grounds and sell one Ford to buyers in the Middle East and Africa too, because they have just announced the introduction of 17 new models in the two regions, within the next 24 months.

The idea is to start seeing them as one single “business unit,” which will apply for all of the 47 markets it stands to encompass. The models they plan to launch are not all new, but they are foreign to the area and include names like the Fusion sedan and the EcoSport mini-SUV, as well as vehicles from the Lincoln range.

Stephen Odell, Ford’s Euro president said

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