Jaguar teases F-Type Coupe before L.A. auto show debut

Much is owed to British designer Ian Callum. Not only has he flexed his design muscles on cars like the Range Rover Sport and Evoque, he has given us one of the most seductive automobiles on the road today: The Jaguar F-Type roadster.

The F-Type harkens back to the days of the E-Type, one of the most iconic and justifiably beautiful cars of all time. And like its predecessor, Jaguar will be giving us a fixed-roof version of the F-Type, due to be revealed at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

Based on Jaguar’s sole teaser image, it’s safe to expect the F-Type Coupe will be as seductive, both in sight and sound, as its roadster twin. The look will borrow heavily from the C-X16 Concept that made its debut two years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show, save for the rear window – it will take the form of a traditional hatch.

Not that the F-Type roadster is sloppy, but the key advantage we can expect from the F-Type Coupe is added structural rigidity thanks to its fixed roof and extensive use of aluminum throughout the chassis. Powertrain options haven’t been announced just yet, but expect to see the F-Type roadster’s 380-horsepower V6 or 495-horsepower V8 under the hood.

Put us down for one of each when it goes on sale this coming spring. The L.A. auto show opens its doors on Nov. 20.

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