This Hyundai Car Salesman Can Really Bust Some Dance Moves

What started out as a joke after Joe Barzelay, Sales Manager of Eastern Shore Hyundai in Daphne, Alabama, wanted to show off his moves, with one of his colleagues, Charles Matthews, cheekily grabbing his camera to capture what he initially believed to be an embarrassing moment, has all the ingredients for a viral hit.

Matthews told that there were some street dancers at the Hyundai dealership for a promotional event when Barzelay told one of the dancers, “Let me show you what I used to do in the day.”

“At that point, I pulled out my phone, because I was expecting something bad,” Matthews told the news site. “We had no idea he was going to break out and do what he did that day.”

As of now, the original video has garnered some 267,000 views, but that number is expected to increase, along with Barzelay’s fame, who we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him starring in an official Hyundai television spot in the very near future.


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