Zenos Cars: How to build a modern, basic sports car

Zenos Cars: How to build a modern, basic sports car

Caterham Cars alumni Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards are using cutting-edge tech to create a new, low-cost, driver-focused sports car. We investigate Zenos Cars

Given the increasing legislative and technological complexities surrounding the building of cars, is it still possible for a manufacturer to adhere to Colin Chapman’s well worn philosophy of ‘simplify, then add lightness’?

Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards, previously chief executive officer and chief operating officer respectively of Caterham Cars, reckon it is. To prove as much, they have created a new company called Zenos Cars to sate a demand for a small, simple sports car that combines grin-inducing handling attributes with modern construction techniques.

Using this as a starting point, the Zenos Cars founders plan to introduce three models over the next five years. The first, codenamed Project E10, will be launched early next year and is described by company chiefs as “a road-legal but track-focused step-in two-seater with Lotus Elise-type proportions”.

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