Oh, My…Bangle’s BMW 7-Series in a Blue Aluminum Wrap Riding on Stilts

Back in the early 2000s, they told us we’d not only get accustomed to the unconventional styling work of BMW’s then chief designer Chris Bangle on the 7-Series E65 sedan, but we’d also come to fancy it in time.

Perhaps future generations will have a different eye for the car, but today, the E65 remains an ugly duckling (especially in pre-facelift form) for many car enthusiasts, and this tune from Tate Design doesn’t seem to help change that perception in people’s minds…

The styling mods made by the custom tuner include a foil wrap in a so-called “Blue Aluminum” hue, massive alloy rims (how many inches do you think they are?), which look like horse-carriage wheels, if you ask us, and blacked out front and rear lights, plus tinted windows.

There’s also a video of the BMW 7er custom ride, which you can watch for yourself just after the jump.

Photo Credits: Tate Design



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