Lexus RC F Super GT500 Takes to the Track for the First Time

The Lexus RC will be the Toyota premium arm’s answer to the recently-released BMW 4-Series, while the F version will take aim squarely at the upcoming M4. However, until all of that unfolds, we get to see a very cool version of the upcoming RC, the Super GT500 racing variant, tested on-track.

Unlike the top-spec F road car, the racing version will get its go from a two-liter four-pot engine mounted up front, but judging by the engine note, it sounds far meaner than that in the video we found and posted below – turbocharging can make a monster out of any small engine, if the desire is so.

Just take Jaguar’s 1.6-liter unit boasting 502 hp at the crank that is, for all intents and purposes, a road-legal unit, so in a racing application, things could get even more extreme when outright durability and emissions are not main goals.

The RC F will be going up against racing versions of the Nissan GT-R and the upcoming Honda/Acura NSX supercar in Japan’s popular Super GT500 Championship. All will see active duty next year.

By Andrei Nedelea


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