Porsche Cayman between brilliant engine and tire noise

              Introduced in the market in 2005, the sporty touch based Porsche Cayman is regarded as the lowest vehicle volume company’s production in the global market. The almost look-alike with its sister, the 911 model, it still misses some important features such as race-bred status and speed expectations. The list doesn’t stop here, reaching out to the disadvantage of not having the two bonus kids seats in the back part- detail that rules it out from the practicality zone or weekend gateways.

               Designed with the lightweight metal structure that compiles both the Boxster and 911 models, the Cayman vehicle, second generation, came into the market spotlight with 30 kg less than its predecessor. Not to mention the larger aspect and space that provides, offering a wider surface for the passengers and even luggage. Somehow unconventional, somehow pretty innovative, the storage space is definitely quite deep perpetuating the idea of depositing several bags while. The rear hatch wasn’t an exception either, exposing a wider area. Brought together, the total capacity of depositing provided by this special created load spaces is about 425 liters.

                  A bit luxurious, a bit business like, the interior of this Porsche Cayman model, results into a high quality mix materials and tasteful metal choices. When it comes to technology, our expectations are accomplished just with the rising-bridge console that, this time, was deployed across car’s range. When it comes to buttons, here is all about the price. Better said, your money offer will provide you a particular package. The car’s portfolio puts at your disposal the Sport Chrono package, sports exhaust, active damping and much more. If you are in search of a suitable package for a most right price, a very good and recommended choice would be the Sport design steering wheel, 950 dollars.

                  The Cayman model that starts from 107,100 dollars provides a variety of standard kits, also power, CDR audio system with 7 inch touchscreen, offering the desirable comfort.  On the outside, the design suffered some changes from the earlier ones, reaching the point of being somewhere between 911 and Boxster, but have to admit, is quite amazing and with a better balanced visual. The model has assembled a 2.7 litre flat six engine, 202kwpower and 290Nm, and the good news is that the new model has direct injection with speed propulsion 0-100 in 5.7 seconds. Its mid-engine highlights the high rewing six towards your head, settling down into a high tempo. It, indeed, delivers a perfect balance of the weight distribution the curves being no more of a possible problem.

                   The breaks are absolutely awesome just taking into account their stopping power and, the best part, the weighting and linearity pedal gives the  ability to throttle up the bends for the Porsche Cayman. With its good parts and less good parts, this model remains quite fuel-efficient. It’s supposed to get 10.6L/100 Km with an average of pushing hard related of 12.8L/100 km. Definitely a masterpiece characteristic for performance and handling, manual and automatic, with brilliant responsiveness.

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