Top tips for maintaining a BMW

BMW cars are widely agreed to be among the most reliable of any make of cars in the modern era, so drivers and owners of new BMWs won’t need to be too worried about having to get their BMW cars in and out of the dealership for too regular servicing. Indeed, the BMW diesel cars – especially the models more aimed at the business end of the new car market – have some of the widest servicing intervals of any. But still, there are some little things that drivers can do to make sure their new BMW performs to the very maximum of its intended capabilities.
It’s the driver’s responsibility to keep an eye on the tyres
You may well lease your new car, but if the tyres are worn down to less than the legal 1.6mm limit of tread, it will be you as the driver who will get the three driving licence points per bald tyre, so always check this if the tyres have not been changed for a good few miles. Tyres will also perform better for noise, economy and comfort if the tyre air pressure is correctly set to the manufacturer’s stated levels, so check these from time to time too. It’s never a good idea to leave the checking of your tyres to the last minute, in a heavy braking situation for example, to avoid an incident ahead. Check them before you go!
Winter or summer tyres? Something else that’s worth considering with your rubber is whether it’s winter or summer spec. Summer tyres are generally used by most drivers all year round, but winter tyres can come in very handy whenever the temperature dips below 7 degrees.
Winter tyres are specifically designed to work better in lower temperatures with a different, softer compound than summer tyres. This means that as the temperature drops the tyres remain quite soft and pliant for better grip-holding to the road surface. Winter tyres also have a different tread design that’s sharper and more aggressive; ready to cut through snow, ice and heavy rain, and on to the road surface. Tests have shown that in cold conditions, winter tyres out perform all-round tyres in every grip situation. Your BMW leasing agent can give you help and advice on issues like these.
Keep the screen clean
Another very basic service item that anyone can deal with, regardless of their level of mechanical knowledge, is to keep the windscreen washer jet tank well and truly topped up. We all need a clean screen all year round.
Even the best and most expensive BMW in the world can’t fill up its own washer fluid tank – as far as we know! – so business drivers that cover long distances should keep an eye on their own fluid levels.
In the winter it’s pretty obvious why we’ll need to be able to keep our windscreens clean, what with all the spray and road muck flying around, but it’s just a crucial in summertime too. The low summer sun can play havoc with even just a slightly dirty windscreen, so the fluid must be there to quickly clean the screen in emergency situations.
Keep these basic service items in check and work with your leasing agent to keep the main car servicing schedule properly on track and you should have many thousands of miles of trouble-free motoring in your new BMW.

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