Prince Albert Rings the Bell on New Venturi VBB-3 Electric Land Speed Record Car

French automaker Venturi is currently the holder for the record of the world’s fastest electric vehicle, which it set in 2005 when the Buckeye Bullet 2.5 hit 307 mph or 494 km/h. Now, they’re back with an even more ambitious land speed record car, the VBB-3. It’s aim is to surpass its predecessor’s performance, and reach the noticeably higher top speed of 440 mph or 708 km/h.

The 3,000+ hp EV was detailed by the Prince Albert II of Monaco who “came to bring his support,” in the first of the videos you see below, though it’s yet to be cranked up to its full potential, as it needs the weather to be just right, and so far the clouds have been mischievous above the Bonneville salt flats (see third video).

The initial plan was to have it reach 375 mph or 604 km/h this year, but the run has now been rescheduled for the warmer part of 2014, when the weather is expected to stay consistently sunnier. Only afterward will they crank it up, and see just how fast it is through the measured mile at full bore.

By Andrei Nedelea


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