The new definition of sport, Lexus RX 350

We are saying the new definition of sport because with this new model we are offered two distinct features of a new tried sport concept from the base, an eight speed automatic transmission that reaches is completion through the paddle shifters and the option of manual operation. Even though is still limited for the moment, the RX 350, standard version, goes on with the six speed auto and a 450h that strives towards a constant variable automatic. The secondary part that draws the definition is the suspension enhancement that Lexus describes as a unique lateral performance damper system.

The F sport model’s springs and dampers are stiffen than the base RX 350, its 19 inch aluminum decorated wheels having 235/55 the entire period of 12 months, despite the season. The difference between these two models is drawn by the eight speeds automatic and the standard feature of the wheel drive. The 3.5 liter V-6 remained unchanged while the output 270 hp, 248 lb ft torque suffered slightly changes in both measures. By hit speaking, it runs 0-60 mph in 7 seconds. EPA based vehicle, the RX 350 provides fuel economy rated at 18 mpg inside the city and 26 outside, especially on the highway.

The interior leaves you quite surprise, high quality closed space, extremely low interior noise level, amazing sound system, up-to-date modern connectivity, brilliant fit, a totally comfort zone seat and almost entirely redesigned interior. As a common feature to all the RX models we have the electric power steering system. An impressive Lexus RX 350 I would say with an eight speed transmission that delivers additional measures of driver engagement, but still the differences of dynamic nature are extremely difficult to perceive.

And I am not sure if the Sport etiquette was the best one to be attributed taking into account that this sport dynamics aim is affiliated to crossover SUV exposed on the market with such a price and size class when we have some other options, better for sure, like Audi Q5, BMW X3 and so on.

With a starting price of 47,895 dollars, the Lexus RX 350 offers quite a value, including all wheel drive and some touch of luxury benefits like leather based seats disposing of heat and ventilation, a premium 12 speaker audio, power sunroof, wood based ash trim, side mirrors and automatic wipers. Its portfolio of components it may also include navigation system controlled by voice, parking assist and, of course, the Lexus Enform multimedia infotainment system, 2775 dollars.

For sure, this new Lexus SUV based model has lots of qualities that deserve to be admired and appreciated, being for a one time glance or for a lifetime. It’s your choice, the vehicle is there to evoke terms such as smooth, quiet, sport, posh and lots of other options at your own disposal, the only thing that remains unchanged is the make-up suffered by the Lexus models, from RX 350 F Sport to base RX 350 and even the hybrid one, RX 450H.

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