Kia Sedona from Good to Bad?

With a presence on the market from 2006, Kia Sedona tries constantly to level up its own status through the help of new and wannabe innovative designs for its vehicles. This is the reason its seven seat Sedona model appears to be much stylish and modern like.  With just a partial similitude with the newest car models, the Sedona embraced the luck through the incorporation of Kia’s newest 2.2 litre diesel engine, important component that appears to be all over the model’s range.

Without any chance of breaking the policy, Kia fragmented the Sedona model into the classic, all too well-known trim levels, one, two and three, all of them being powered up by the potential of its 2199cc CRDi oil burner. This technical detail has the capacity of producing 192bhp at 3800rpm and, in the same time, 310 lb ft torque. Sounds pretty amazing, isn’t it? Well, the truth is that there is a downside too, a side that is characterized by the mediocrity resulted from the mix of economy and CO2 emission, 42.2mpg and 179g/km.

But to turn the page towards a more positive side, there is the equipment that is quite brilliant and adjusted into the Kia Sedona’s price. Everything is climate controlled except the Air-con that kept its standard feature in the number 1. As for the number two and three, when we are talking about the Standard, we are talking about the reversing camera, or if we are strictly referring to the number three, well than we direct our attention towards the leather.

The inside offers an incredible comfort and space, one of the “culprits” being the flexibility function added to its design. It’s a car I would say if it wasn’t for the practical part. Even though there is such an engine like the one aforementioned, when it comes to the dynamics Sedona is overwhelmed by the oppositions that comes within the equation.With its lack of agility, the model suffered quite some intrusions into the cabin both revolving inside the city or the highway.

The less happier side of this story is that isn’t enough anymore for Kia Sedona to play its cards within the value perimeter in comparison with its competitors. As we all know, with an upgrade or update there comes higher prices and much more expectations which place the brand to an equal place with the others such as S-Max, Grand C-Max or much more. In the present the brand’s starting price is around 24.080 dollars if you choose the latest model. But there are the other 3 models with a most acceptable or affordable price, revolving around the interval of 19,990 – 22,235 dollars, the major difference being the engine characteristics. So if you look for this type less glamorous, more practical that comes with seven seat conception, slab sided and with a somehow sweet touch of honesty, price related, then the Kia Sedona is the perfect and most suitable choice for you.

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