Banishing Beetle Banality One Stripe at a Time: 2014 VW Beetle GSR Driven

2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR

It’s easy to feel invisible in this beige world of ours. Life is often complicated, relationships frequently correlated, truth and clarity routinely obfuscated. Who among us hasn’t fantasized at one time or another about busting through the haze and malaise? Well, as it turns out, the NSA isn’t the only entity that’s been eyeballing closet champions. For 2014, Volkswagen is crowning the Beetle R-Line series with a limited-run GSR model. Spandex suit, cape, and goggles notwithstanding, you’re not likely to get any more attention driving a 2014 VW Beetle than in the screaming-yellow-zonkers and black-striped GSR. (Protip: carefully heed speed-limit signs.) READ MORE ››

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