Buy V8-Powered Citroen DS and Have the Opportunity to Play Golf with Alice Cooper

This Citroen ID (DS) from 1964 will definitely split opinions. At first, when you look at the photos, hardly anything seems out of place, aside from the mirrors and oversized wheels. However, if you keep on reading, you’ll learn why we’ve featured this seemingly ordinary French classic.

It was apparently owned by rock legend Alice Cooper, who drove it to his regular golf games and “loved it.” The eBay ad reveals that “over $300k” were invested in bringing it to its current state. Most of the cash probably went towards the custom chassis and suspension setup, as well as its conversion to rear-wheel drive and V8 engine swap.

That’s right, it has an “LS1 crate motor” which makes over 400 hp!

The interior is also drastically changed, and it seems to have extra strengthening bars for the roof – a kind of roll cage that it needs given its newfound hotrod status.

Why not swap out the stock engine with a flat-six unit, like the car was originally envisioned with, but give it less than 400 hp, keep the squishy suspension, the interior and the front-driven configuration. This V8-powered one is not particularly appealing to those who like the old DS for what it is.

Still, as a piece of rock paraphernalia it’s great! The deal is only enhanced by the fact that the winner of the auction will be

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