Study Claims Women Prefer Men with Eco-Friendly Cars, What do You Say?

We recently came across an interesting report about a study carried out in the UK through a report on The Australian. The study asked some 2,000 adults what they thought about other drivers solely based on their choice of car. You know, as well as we do, that such studies and surveys can be flawed and run the risk of making many people reach the wrong conclusion – we gave this one a chance nonetheless.

Its findings suggest that of the total pool of interviewees, “48 per cent of men were convinced that an expensive car made them more attractive to the opposite sex.” This makes us smile, as we continue to read that 53 percent of women would not be impressed by this at all, in fact labeling drivers of these types of cars as arrogant, “while 44 per cent considered them self-centered and 38 per cent reckoned they were a danger on the roads,” according to The Australian.

We maintain the smirk as we learn that women find a sense of security in the classic sedan shape, thinking of Ford Mondeo and VW Passat drivers as “hard-working and safe motorists.”

In fact, green vehicles proved to be appreciated on the female side, and apparently, the words associated with drivers of these cars are “conscientious, intelligent and safe motorists.”

Do also check out the Top Gear Australia video excerpt posted below – it tackles the same problem, but only from the feminine perspective.

By Andrei Nedelea


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